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Ridge Produce has grown to be one of the major players in produce supply in New York City and the surrounding communities and continues to gain momentum. Customers that start using Ridge stay loyal. While competitors talk about low prices,hublot replica dependable service and consistent delivery, Ridge Produce makes it happen. What also becomes obvious to Ridge customers is that the company is set up to have a long term relationship with them.

Ridge Produce offers you three competitive advantages to make it possible breitling cockpit replica watches for you to get the most competitive prices. First, through strategic warehousing, we are able to buy ahead on certain items and store others to buffer you against sudden jumps in prices. Second, the size of our company allows us to buy at more competitive prices than many of our competitors. We can pass those savings on to you. Third, we have multiple suppliers. We aren't tied into one wholesale market. Because of our warehouse, we are able to buy from local growers and have multiple sources from local suppliers. Warehousing and multiple sources allow us to buffer you from price fluctuations.

First Name Basis

Unlike other larger established companies, Ridge Produce connects its customers directly to the owners and company managers. You can give your order to a sales person or send it in by fax. If you have a problem, call one of our managers or company owners directly. The sincerity and quality of customer care of Ridge Produce is unmatched. Ridge Produce takes great care of its customers and enjoys the customer loyalty that it gets in return.

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531 Tiffany Street, Bronx, NY 10474
munch@ridgeproduce.com sales@ridgeproduce.com
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