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Ridge Produce is the company that never sleeps. Our staff works round-the-clock all year long to make sure that your restaurant is able to have fresh, quality produce delivered promptly at the best possible prices; and we're in a unique position to do just that. https://www.tswatch03.me/patek-philippe-c-70

Next Day Service

Ridge Produce accepts orders for next day delivery up to 11 pm each night (typically we do not deliver on Sundays). We can take your orders by phone, fax or email, 24/7 for the next delivery day.

Emergency Afternoon Deliveries

Even the best managed restaurants get into a pinch from time to time. Call Ridge Produce before lunch time and we'll put you on our afternoon deliver schedule! This is a level of service you don't want to be without.

We understand the restaurant business better than anyone. Not only have our families been in the produce supply business for a lifetime, but we have personally been owners and managers in several restaurants. We know breitling colt replica watches exactly how to support your business, and you'll quickly come to appreciate that as you work with us .
Hal Burdo and Alfred Alfonso

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