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Does your produce supplier have a warehouse? There are several very important advantages. You'll enjoy the best prices because Ridge Produce will "buy ahead" when they foresee rising costs. This helps to buffer you from the market's price fluctuations. Over time, our customers realize that,panerai replica on average, our prices are not only better, but more consistent than our competitors'. You'll also appreciate that it's easier for us to accommodate last minute add-ons to your order, weekend/holiday deliveries, same-day deliveries and split orders for smaller quantities.

Also, you'll love the quality that Ridge Produce provides. Since we warehouse certain produce items, we are able to buy direct from growers, where most of our competition cannot. We can store hard to get products as well. That means great prices and the opportunity to provide the freshest and the most appealing quality of fruits and vegetables available from New York's surrounding agricultural communities, along with exotics from around the world.

What's more, Ridge Produce with its fleet of trucks will keep its promise of prompt delivery. If you order it by 11 pm, you’ll have it the next day. Are you in a pinch? Call us before lunch and we'll get it to you that afternoon.

We offer credit to qualified customer and are able to take credit card payments as well. Download our credit application here. Call us today to learn more about Ridge Produce.

Because of our warehouse,breitling replica watches we can buy from local growers, accommodate last minute add-ons to your order, deliver on weekends/holidays and even split boxes for smaller quantities.
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