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We understand that your restaurant is in business to make a profit. To be successful you need to be able to purchase at the best possible prices, have dependable service and support, and be provided with excellent quality products. Ridge Produce in New York City has all of these resources and more replica watches.

The Company That Never Sleeps

We'll be available when other suppliers are not. We sometimes call ourselves "the company that never sleeps." That's because we need to be working round the clock to make sure you are receiving the best possible service. In the competitive restaurant industry you have to be on your toes and manage details meticulously. We support your ability to succeed by providing counsel in your ordering, being there for emergencies, and making sure deliveries run smoothly so you don't have to worry.

A First-Name Basis

We provide personalized service. If you are dealing with a large company, you never speak to the owner and you certainly aren't given the cell phone number of key people in the company. But our commitment to you goes that far. We know our customers on a first name basis – and they know us. That may be one reason that in a competitive industry, we've been able to retain an extremely high loyalty rate from our restaurant clients.http://www.winreplicas.com/iwc-replica-watches.php

Specialty Service

We only sell to restaurants. Restaurants are a specialty business and we specialize in supporting them. We don't sell to other types of food service industries. The owners of Ridge Produce have owned and managed restaurants over the years and understand exactly how to serve you. Providing fresh produce and vegetables to restaurants in New York City and surrounding regions is our niche.

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